hey, I'm Angiee, 19 ☆彡


currently residing in Sydney, Australia

blood type: AB

occupation: fashion student

star sign: aquarius

the girl who drank stars ~


SS15 Backstage by Harry Carr for ID Magazine.

currently in India

woooow I’m in India! hoping to post some exciting things later :)

weirdest experience so far: watching the new free! ep and seeing Australia ??!?!? the whole time i was like - WOW AIRPORT, WOW BONDI, WOW HYDE PARK, WOW OLYMPIC PARK

best one was the tin can train WOOOW

also sharing the bed was pretty hilarious

plus the rin/haru talk was kind of cute - sounded like they were talking about their boyfriends at one point and I was like *_*

they’ve ruined haru as a character though lol - as if he wouldn’t bring a swim suit + I don’t think pro swimming is ‘free’

lol I’m in another country but all I can think about is free! probably because I don’t have anyone to vent to hahaha

but anyways, going to go walk around Delhi soon :) so excited to shop O_O

Hannah Holman para Flair Germany October 2014 por Kerry Dean ph.

art by cho gi seok for low classic f/w 2014
ph. jinyong kim